THE 12″ SINGLES COLLECTION BADITUDE’s post-apocalyptic collection of songs that were released between 2020 – 2022! Features the hit singles that were CENSORED by those gay nerds at Bandcamp.com and got us kicked off their fuckin’ platform! (“Transition 2 Win” and “Commie Crusher”) CHECK IT OUT at: SPORTIFY I-TUNE AMBERZON REVERBERATION NATION AUDIO MAX TOP … Continue reading DUDES AMONG THE RUINS

Spotification of BADITUDE

MUSCLE MEMORY now on SPOTIFY You are hip and modern. You have a “smartphone” and you utilize “the cloud”. You don’t mind commercial breaks during your album-listenings. In your house you have an electronic device that spies on you, and you yell at it to play music for you. Well motherfucker, we went ahead and … Continue reading Spotification of BADITUDE