THE 12″ SINGLES COLLECTION BADITUDE’s post-apocalyptic collection of songs that were released between 2020 – 2022! Features the hit singles that were CENSORED by those gay nerds at and got us kicked off their fuckin’ platform! (“Transition 2 Win” and “Commie Crusher”) CHECK IT OUT at: SPORTIFY I-TUNE AMBERZON REVERBERATION NATION AUDIO MAX TOP … Continue reading DUDES AMONG THE RUINS

Spotification of BADITUDE

MUSCLE MEMORY now on SPOTIFY You are hip and modern. You have a “smartphone” and you utilize “the cloud”. You don’t mind commercial breaks during your album-listenings. In your house you have an electronic device that spies on you, and you yell at it to play music for you. Well motherfucker, we went ahead and … Continue reading Spotification of BADITUDE

Transition 2 Win

OFFICIAL opening ceremony theme song of the Olympic Games! Transition 2 Win by BADITUDE BADITUDE presents the OFFICIAL Olympic Games Opening Ceremony theme song! We honor the brave men who became women in order to DOMINATE in sporting competitions, set amazing new world records, and prove once and for all that DUDES RULE and front … Continue reading Transition 2 Win