WHAT’S UP, RETARDS? THIS IS “TOUCHDOWN” TROY BENNETT, COMIN’ AT YA. I’ve got a moment here, while I wait for my Zubaz pants to dry, thought I would tell some tales of history… Specifically, what in the fuck I was up to for the past decade or so, between the release of BADITUDE’s No Survivors … Continue reading TROY TALKS


GET RIPPED! GET JACKED! There is ONE primary reason why you’re a PUSSY… Your TESTOSTERONE LEVELS are too low! Testosterone by BADITUDE Devastatingly low T-levels are the reason why SOFT BETA BITCH LOSERS are walkin’ around with masks over their ugly little faces and watching MARVEL COMIC-BOOK MOVIES with their fat-ass feminist girlfriends! If these … Continue reading Testosterone


Everyone’s a nerd in CyberWorld CyberWorld2K by BADITUDE Many years ago, before CyberDyne Systems initiated the Skynet A.I. network, BADITUDE’s Chip Dunkirk had a chilling premonition of the dystopian future while hitting some serious numbers on the high bar squat… “CYBERWORLD2K!” he shouted, as he wrote this cryptic phrase on a nearby whiteboard. Years passed, … Continue reading CyBeRwOrLd2K