It’s ROCKTOBER, and you know what THAT means… NEW SPOOKY SONGS for the Samhain Season! SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME Arguably one of Rockwell’s greatest hits, this terrifying tune about total paranoia has been a BADITUDE staple since the beginning! This time around, Chip Dunkirk’s artistic audio autism really brings the song to life in a BIG … Continue reading ROCKTOBER 2023


The RUDE, CRUDE DUDES of BADITUDE present to you an assortment of CLASSIC gym jams! DAS RITE! MUSCLE MEMORY is now available at our BANDCAMP site, so go check it out!! This fuckin’ album is a 10-track retrospective of heart-pumping Motivational Muscle Music from the BADITUDE archives. Each jam has been injected with a double … Continue reading New Album: MUSCLE MEMORY


Wholesome Muscle Snack! The only thing that is just as important (if not MORE important) than WEIGHT-LIFTING is an awesome diet! How the fuck do you think your muscles get fuel for lifting, you dumbass? FOOD. So what you need to do is eat clean and eat protein, if you know what I mean. I’m … Continue reading STEROID SANDWICH