DUDES AMONG THE RUINS THE 12″ SINGLES COLLECTION BADITUDE’s post-apocalyptic collection of songs that were released between the band’s resurgence in Summer 2020, through the very end of 2022… exactly TEN YEARS after the POLE SHIFT of 2012! DUDES AMONG THE RUINS features BADITUDE’s most recent hit single, “Parasite-Controlled Entities”, and the hit singles that … Continue reading DUDES AMONG THE RUINS


HOT NEW 12″ SINGLE: “PARASITE-CONTROLLED ENTITIES” A SCHIZO-PHONIC BLAST OF CLEANSING POWER THAT WILL LEAVE U FEELING FRESH. Do you realize that PARASITES control the behavior of most people? Do you REALLY now what’s going on with TOXOPLASMOSIS and the madness of cat people? Why is it that our pets regularly receive anti-parasitic treatments, and … Continue reading PARASITE-CONTROLLED ENTITIES


It’s ROCKTOBER, and you know what THAT means… The HALLOWEEN PARTY is BACK! BADITUDE’s Chip “Slam” Dunkirk, in conjunction with “Touchdown” Troy Bennett of BADITUDE, present 2 U the BADITUDE Hallowe’en celebration masterpiece: “Chip Dunkirk’s BAD-ASS Halloween Party, featuring Troy Bennett of BADITUDE” (sponsored by Chip Dunkirk’s Fun-Time Pizza Palace)! Gather ‘round, fellow DUDES, and … Continue reading BAD-ASS HALLOWEEN PARTY!