STORM THE GYMS! LIFT THE WEIGHTS! BADITUDE has had it up to HERE with ALL of the Commie bullshit! The planned societal collapse, disgusting nerds engineering a gay Orwellian nightmare world, actual retards running wild in the streets, the installation of Covid Communism, the direct attacks against testosterone. Enough is enough! HEAR OUR BATTLE CRY! … Continue reading COMMIE CRUSHER


WE TRIED TO WARN YOU Way back in 2005, when BADITUDE was kicking things up to 12th gear and we began cranking out the hottest hits on, we released an E.P. called Baltimora VS Rockwell… Included on this fun little E.P. was a militant industrial jam called “NERD GERMS”, and it was the Instrumental … Continue reading NERD GERMS


WELCOME TO CYBERWORLD 2K BADITUDE has got ourselves a brand new web presence, thanks to the hard work and diligence of our official webmaster, Dark Cypher. You see, we don’t have any interest in all this stupid nerd shit on computers and internets. We do the things that normal men of above-average height do: We … Continue reading HOT NEW WEBSITE