DUDES AMONG THE RUINS THE 12″ SINGLES COLLECTION BADITUDE’s post-apocalyptic collection of songs that were released between the band’s resurgence in Summer 2020, through the very end of 2022… exactly TEN YEARS after the POLE SHIFT of 2012! DUDES AMONG THE RUINS features BADITUDE’s most recent hit single, “Parasite-Controlled Entities”, and the hit singles that … Continue reading DUDES AMONG THE RUINS


DAS RITE, we are using that dumb shit! SMASH THAT FOLLOW BUTTON. @CyberWorld2K It has come to our attention that many bodybuilding maniacs, fitness freaks, jocks, manlets of power, politically incorrect goofballs, bronze age retards, and other assorted alpha bros are up to no good on the Twatter, so we might as well join in … Continue reading BADITUDE ON TWATTER


Everyone’s a nerd in CyberWorld CyberWorld2K by BADITUDE Many years ago, before CyberDyne Systems initiated the Skynet A.I. network, BADITUDE’s Chip Dunkirk had a chilling premonition of the dystopian future while hitting some serious numbers on the high bar squat… “CYBERWORLD2K!” he shouted, as he wrote this cryptic phrase on a nearby whiteboard. Years passed, … Continue reading CyBeRwOrLd2K